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Who are we?  What do you think of when you think of horses?  Have you ever got to know a horse? What makes a horse happy? How do you love a horse?

Happy, healthy horses

Horses are often only seen for the extrinsic values people place on them - how fast they can run, how much they can pull or carry, and how submissive they are. Looking at animals from this perspective completely strips them of their intrinsic value, being the value they have in itself and their own right to live. 

The reality is, horses are intelligent, complex, and sentient beings, who form strong, life-long friendships. Those in the wild, spend their days travelling (over 30km a day) with their herd, while stopping to eat. Did you know they eat over a 12-16 hour period every day?

This is a stark contrast to the life of a racehorse, who during training can spend up to 22 hours per day in a stable, unable to socialise with others. The only time they are out is when they are training. The stables prevent them from forming bonds or herds as they are rarely left with other horses and many are regularly moved and sold. 

The restricted movements and confinement has proven to impinge on both their physical and mental health. Some common signs of physiological and psychological stress in racehorses are repetitive yawning, tooth grinding, biting and chewing, “bad” behaviour (rearing, bucking, bolting, cold backed, pawning, pulling, tail wringing), colic, trembling and shaking, high pulse and respiration, and sweating.

It is also not viable to let them graze for 12-16 hours a day. As a result, they are also fed an unnatural and concentrated diet in meals, which can cause them to suffer from poor gut functioning, colic, and gastric ulcers. Research has found that up to 90% of racehorses suffer from gastric ulcers.

While pro-racing people continuously claim that they "love" their horses and they are treated like "royalty", we ask you, does the life of a racehorse sound good to you?

Help end their suffering, by never betting or attending the races.  - Animal Liberation, Australia

To find out more about the horse racing industry - check out Horse Racing Kills

To learn about the plight of Brumbies or wild horses in Australia visit The Australian Brumby Alliance

"I promise to be at maximum

peace with you."

Horses are wonderful to be around - they are majestic, beautiful and powerful.  As much as they love being with their herd and grazing, they also can enjoy being with humans.  All horses have different personalities and dispositions - this can be to do with their breed and their previous experiences.

Getting to truly know a horse is one of the most beautiful experiences - because, even though so many horses have unhappy stories - they are almost always willing to trust again...and as deep as you go into awareness and consciousness - they will be there with you.

I am inspired by Klauss Hempfling's promise to horses he is with - a reminder not to impose our ideas and expectations on a horse:  I" promise to be at maximum peace with you.  I promise to to do only what is in your best interests."

We love a herd

Horses feel the safest when in a herd.  Once settled, they enjoy the company of other horses.

Wild Horses
Share our stories

Please do not support horse harming industries like horse racing.  When you attend races and/or bet on any animal racing - you are supporting cruelty.

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Listen to us

We are all individuals - we all have different likes and different fears.  It's easy to read out body language - please listen to us.

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