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Love, kindness, and consciousness are our answer to a world where too often non-human beings experience unawareness and cruelty.

Horses are sensitive, subtle and much wiser and more intelligent than many of us realize.

Horses and their behavior and body language show us so much about who they are...and who we are.

It is the role of The Kind Farm Inc to make horses happy and healthy - physically and emotionally so that they may go on to find a loving home and the horses' present, insightful and curious natures can be purely expressed.


It is our hope that the kindness offered to the animals we meet ripples infinitely into the world and makes a difference.  It is our desire to give back to the animals in any way we can, in recognition and gratitude for what they have given, and continue to give to humans.  It is our inspiration to create awareness so that more animals may know true kindness and to be seen for WHO they are.

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