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Happy horses!
Donate items or land

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If you'd like to donate items and feed and supplements to the horses - here is what we need. You can choose to purchase the items and have them delivered to The Kind Farm Inc - or make a donation for a specific purchase. Please contact The Kind Farm Inc for more information about donating specific items, offering land or bequests.

We need ongoing:


  • shedded lucerne hay

  • green barley hay

  • hi-gain micro barley 20k

  • black sunflower seeds 20kg bags

  • organic rosehip granules

  • organic lavender oil

  • brrewers yeast

  • spirulina powder

  • rock salt

  • Dynavite micro biome support - liquid supplement

  • Iodine spray 

  • white healer crea

  • horse rugs - ask us who needs what type and size

  • TuffRock Conditioner Plus - supplement

  • wormer paste


Donated funds for ongoing care:

  • feed

  • hoof trimming

  • dentist

  • health care treatments

Please use our donation page to donate funds


Other items:

  • field safe halters - pony and cob size

  • lead ropes (new or used)

  • plain halters cob size (new or used)


Large items and property:

  • building supplies for shelters and landscaping and fencing

  • land for free or lease

  • 3 horse angle load trailer

  • 6 - 12 horse truck

To donate by Paypal please send funds to or use our paypal page: paypalme/thekindfarminc

To donate directly to our bank account, please deposit to:

The Kind Farm Incorporated

BSB 062–578

Account 1035 8649


Please help the horses live the life they deserve - in comfort and safety.  Your donation helps save horses from slaughter and find them their forever, loving homes.

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