We are a Horse Rescue Network helping horses at risk of slaughter. 
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Horses deserve a live of kindness, freedom and safety.  Help us rehabilitate race horses so they can live the life they deserve.

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CAN YOU HELP Diamond and Dae Dae?

We believe these girls need a chance at happiness.  Be part of their happily ever after.


Horses like Diamond have a sad story - but with your help, we can give them the life of peace they deserve.  Please donate and be part of their journey today.

Everyday horses are killed that deserve a second chance.

Help us save as many horses as we can.  Every donation counts.

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"However true it may be that we have estranged ourselves from Nature, it is nonetheless true that we feel we are in her and belong to her. It can be only her own working which pulsates also in us. We must find the way back to her again."  Rudolf Steiner

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"May we run free, with our hooves on the bare earth, the wind in our manes and the sun, moonlight and stars shining on our backs. May we with live with space to run, places to shelter with our herd - our family and friends - who are everything to us.  May we be met with kindness, seen with open eyes and an open heart as the majestic, sensitive and intelligent beings that we are. You have taken so much from us - yet we are willing to trust again and again. For what we offer remains a jewel, undiscovered.

Will you see me, as me?"