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Can you help Diamond and Day Day?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

These beautiful brumbies had a rough start to life. They need you help to thrive.

Saved from slaughter - these Brumbies had a second chance, but it hasn't been easy for them. Surviving the trauma of a slaughter truck, being round up and separated from their herd has made it hard to trust humans.

Design with Ease

“Wild and traumatised horses need a lot of care. With your help we can give these two sweet girls the care and attention they need.”

Right now, Day Day is happy to be fed and have her feet trimmed and cared for, but she needs a lot of supplementation and care to for chronic gut and eye issues. Diamond is sweet yet at the moment too wild to have her feet or teeth cared for.

How you can help!

Your donation will help us work with a holistic horse person to support Diamond and Day Day on their journey to trusting humans and being tame enough to have the treatments they need to be in optimal health. They also desperately need supplementation and a special diet to treat digestive issues.

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