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Help Wild Heart feel like one of the herd

This noble, kind horse deserves all the love and care we can give.

Wildheart's Mother and herd mates were shot in a brumby cull. We are told he was just a foal when a kind person took him in and from there he has bounced around from home to home. He is truly a wondrous being - very stoic and very in tune with humans and the entire herd and we think he deserves all the care and stability he can get.

Will you help Wildheart find happiness?

Wildheart is the kind of horse who could easily be your best friend. He needs support from a back injury he had when he arrived here as well as love, care and shelter. Wildheart is an especially sensitive, gentle and very obliging horse - yet also strong willed and cautious - no wonder due to his past. He is typical of the Brumbies found in the Snowy Mountains of Australia - you could easily imagine his mottled coat blending perfectly into the snow.

"An often overlooked part of Australian history is the bond forged between the local Indigenous people and brumbies. It has been stated that the Ngarigo and the Djiringanj peoples developed such an affinity with the animals they became known as “horse whisperers”. Ngarigo Elder Ellen Mundy recently stated, “Even though horses were an introduced species we still learnt how to communicate with them”.

How you can help!

Your donation will help Wildheart to stay as a permanent resident. He is so settled and such a conscious being that will not easily thrive in another environment. The prospects out there for such a horse are not good and we want to make sure Wildheart can stay in the place he has come to call home.

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