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Help the world see horses differently.

Horses deserve kindness and respect - they are smarter, more conscious and aware than you may ever know.

Have you ever met a horse who is happy and free to be a horse? A horse with a free spirit is a beautiful sight to behold and yet so often the grace and beauty or horses is exploited.

What about horse racing?

“Did you know that it is illegal to beat an animal unless it is a horse in a horse race?”

Over time humans have used horses for transport, for war and for entertainment. Today we know how sensitive and intelligent horses are - and now that we know better, we can do better. Help us liberate horses from the industries that harm them.

How you can help!

By supporting the Kind Farm you are supporting our relentless campaigns to free animals from cruelty and to educate people about who animals are and what it really means to be an animal lover.

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